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Altrad Belle DX1000HT Hi-Tip Dumper

Altrad Belle DX1000HT Hi-Tip Dumper

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Introducing the Belle DX1000HT, a high-performance, hi-tip dumper designed to handle heavy loads of up to 1000kg in its spacious 280 litre skip.

Equipped with a reliable 21.4 horsepower, 3-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine, this dumper delivers consistent and efficient performance. Its 4WD system, combined with heavy-duty all-terrain tires, ensures exceptional traction even on muddy and rough terrain.

With a tight turning circle, the DX1000HT offers enhanced manoeuvrability on the ground. Its front tip with hydraulic lift enables nimble and agile operation, allowing for effortless dumping onto flat ground or into a raised skip or platform.

From its sturdy tires to the unmistakable orange paintwork, the DX1000HT bears the recognizable Altrad Belle signature. Those familiar with Belle’s MiniDumper will recognize this as its larger sibling, boasting a 1000kg payload capacity, a 500-litre (heaped) skip capacity, and a hydraulic high lift capable of reaching 140 bar pressure.

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