Collection: Generators

Whether you're a plant hire, DIY enthusiast or in need of reliable domestic backup power solutions, we have you covered.

Our diverse range includes generators of various sizes, ensuring that your specific power requirements are met effectively.

Explore our selection of DIY generators, ideal for homeowners and hobbyists looking to power tools and equipment. Our DIY generators offer efficiency and convenience, making your projects a breeze. If you're seeking a dependable backup power source for your home, our domestic generators are designed to provide seamless electricity during unexpected outages, ensuring your comfort and security.

At MAC Distributors, we take pride in being your trusted source for generators from top brands such as Pramac, Altrad Belle, Yanmar, Honda and much more. 

From compact options to heavy-duty powerhouses, we have the expertise to match you with the perfect generator to meet your needs. Our generators are built to last, delivering consistent performance and peace of mind.

Power up your life with our exceptional generators. Contact us at for any generator related enquiries.