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Belle DC 300E+ Cordless / Battery 300MM Consaw (Battery, Charger & Diamond Blade Inc)

Belle DC 300E+ Cordless / Battery 300MM Consaw (Battery, Charger & Diamond Blade Inc)

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Introducing the Altrad Belle DC 300E+ Cordless Consaw, a pinnacle of innovation designed for professionals who demand high performance and sustainability in their tools. This advanced cut-off machine features a high-performance battery, delivering powerful output and eco-friendly operation, embodying Altrad Belle's commitment to a sustainable future. Its compact, lightweight design ensures operator comfort and reduces fatigue during prolonged use. With an impressive 112 mm cutting depth, it efficiently slices through standard soil pipes in a single cut, showcasing its power and efficiency in a sleek, manageable package.

Part of the renowned Altrad Belle 82v range, the DC 300E+ offers an interchangeable battery system for unmatched convenience and flexibility. This feature allows continuous work with minimal downtime, simply by swapping batteries as needed. The cutter’s robust design includes high-quality magnesium components, ensuring durability and dependability for rigorous professional use. Additionally, its fully adjustable 5-position blade guard enhances safety while providing versatility for various cutting tasks. The DC 300E+ is more than a tool; it’s a reliable partner for professionals aiming for precise cuts with ease.

Beyond its advanced design, the DC 300E+ excels in environmental friendliness and user-centric benefits. Its cordless, emission-free operation is perfect for indoor and poorly ventilated areas, maintaining air quality. The low noise level allows for extended working hours in noise-restricted zones. Maintenance is virtually hassle-free, eliminating the need for servicing and costly downtime. For optimal performance, pair the DC 300E+ with Belle PUX diamond-tipped blades for sharp, efficient cuts every time. The Altrad Belle DC 300E+ Cordless Cut-off Machine sets a new standard in professional cutting tools with these features and benefits.


  • Durable and robust design with high-quality magnesium components.
  • Powerful 82v, 2.5kW digital brushless motor for superior performance.
  • Compact and lightweight for enhanced operator comfort and reduced fatigue.
  • 112mm cutting depth for efficient cutting through standard soil pipes.
  • Environmentally friendly, emission-free operation suitable for indoor and sensitive areas.
  • Low noise level for extended working hours in noise-restricted zones.
  • No routine power unit maintenance required for hassle-free operation.
  • Cordless design for increased operational flexibility and convenience.
  • Integrated LED worklight for improved visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Interchangeable 82v battery system within the Altrad Belle E+ range.

Supplied With:

  • DC300E+ Body
  • 82v 8.0ah Battery Pack
  • Battery Charger
  • Water Hose Connector
  • 12" Multi Purpose Diamond Blade
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