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Chicago Pneumatic

Cp 0012-2 Inside Trigger Chipping Hammer 

Cp 0012-2 Inside Trigger Chipping Hammer 

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The Chicago Pneumatic Chipping Hammer is a versatile tool that provides a controlled chipping action, allowing operators to precisely chip away specific areas. Here are some key features and benefits of this chipping hammer:

Controlled Chipping Action: The chipping hammer is designed to provide operators with precise control over the chipping process. This allows them to chip away specific areas without causing damage to surrounding surfaces or structures.

Versatility: The Chicago Pneumatic Chipping Hammer is suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be used for tasks such as concrete and masonry demolition, surface preparation, tile removal, and more.

Power and Efficiency: The hammer delivers sufficient power to effectively chip away material while maintaining efficiency. This ensures that the job can be completed quickly and effectively, saving both time and effort.

Ergonomic Design: The chipping hammer is ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue and improve comfort during extended use. It features a comfortable grip and a balanced weight distribution, allowing for better handling and control.

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