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Generac V20 Pro (Hybrid) Lighting Tower

Generac V20 Pro (Hybrid) Lighting Tower

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The V20 PRO lighting tower offered by Generac Mobile® is not simply a traditional lighting tower but a comprehensive and innovative "ALL IN ONE" solution. Generac Mobile®, with over 20 years of experience as a leading manufacturer in the industry, has incorporated all the advancements and new technologies into this product, catering to the diverse needs of the rental market.

The V20 PRO lighting tower is designed with a strong emphasis on sustainability, aligning with the latest industry trends and environmental considerations. It offers global connectivity, enabling remote control and monitoring of the lighting tower for enhanced convenience and operational efficiency.

By combining various features and technologies, Generac Mobile® aims to provide a comprehensive and efficient solution that meets the evolving demands of the rental industry. The V20 PRO lighting tower represents the culmination of Generac Mobile®'s expertise and commitment to delivering innovative and reliable products.

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