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Pilot Core Tool

Pilot Core Tool

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The Pilot Core Tool is your solution for installing posts in challenging terrains. It expertly extracts a core of earth from the ground before you drive in your stakes using the Easy Petrol Post Driver. This tool is indispensable for work in hard, dry, or rocky soils, ensuring that installations can proceed under any conditions while also hastening the process for each post.

This tool is particularly beneficial in soils composed of heavy clay or chalk, enhancing the efficiency of driving posts with diameters between 90mm and 100mm. The cutting head is heat-treated for exceptional hardness and durability. While it requires the use of the Easy Petrol Post Driver and the 107ROUND adapter (both available separately), it is compatible with various adapter sizes; contact us for more information.

Instructions for Use

The Pilot Core Tool comes with a Spacer Collar (PCTC), Bungees, and T-Bar. Attach the 107ROUND adapter to the Easy Petrol Post Driver, then insert the Spacer Collar into the 107ROUND, securing it with Bungees. Position the Pilot Core Tool at the desired location and drive it into the ground, stopping 150mm (6 inches) short of the intended post depth. To remove the earth core, insert the T-Bar into the Pilot Core Tool horizontally, using a stake for leverage, and then twist and pull.

Handy Tips

For extremely dry conditions, moistening the hole with water before installation can significantly speed up the process. Remember to empty each earth core from the top of the Pilot Core Tool after creating a new core; its smart design features a cutting head smaller than the tube, simplifying the removal of the earth core.

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