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Pramac GA 10 000 (Gas Standby/Back-Up Generator) - Generac LPG or NG

Pramac GA 10 000 (Gas Standby/Back-Up Generator) - Generac LPG or NG

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The Pramac / Generac GA 10000 gas generator is a reliable and eco-friendly backup generator suitable for both homes and businesses. Here are its key features:

Generac G Force Engine: The generator is equipped with a Generac G Force engine that provides long run times without the need for frequent refilling.

Automatic Shut Off System: The GA 10000 is fitted with an automatic shut off system that activates when the power goes out, ensuring continuous power supply during sudden outages.

Compact Size and Easy Controls: With its compact size and user-friendly controls, the generator is easy to operate and suitable for various backup power needs.

Eco-Friendly: The GA 10000 is designed to be eco-friendly, minimizing its impact on the environment.

The package includes everything you need for convenient installation and operation, including the Pramac GA 10 000 Air Cooled Gas Generator, Pramac 100amp ATS Panel for automatic transfer switch functionality, and the Pramac Wire Start Kit.

Please note that the generator is available on back order, with an estimated delivery time of approximately 7 days after purchase. You can refer to the provided link to view the PDF specification sheet for more detailed information.

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