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Pramac LP 12 Push Around Lift (5 M)

Pramac LP 12 Push Around Lift (5 M)

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The Pramac LP 12 mobile platform is a versatile and safe equipment designed for operators who need to work at heights of up to 5 meters while carrying a maximum load of 120 kg. It offers several features that contribute to its functionality and ease of use:

Safety and Stability: The platform is equipped with four steering wheels, along with a central locking system and two stabilizers. This configuration ensures stability and prevents unwanted movement during operation, enhancing operator safety.

Lightweight and Portable: The LP mobile platform is constructed using aluminum, making it lightweight and easy to transport. Its ergonomic design and compact size allow for convenient transportation in vans and easy maneuverability at the workplace.

Aluminum Construction: The cage, mast, and frame of the platform are made of aluminum, offering a durable and sturdy structure. The use of aluminum also contributes to the platform's lightweight nature.

Easy Product Handling: The LP mobile platform's low weight, coupled with the option to remove the ballast, enables easy handling and maneuverability. This feature allows operators to position and transport the platform efficiently, increasing productivity and convenience.

The LP mobile platform provides a safe and efficient solution for tasks that require working at heights. Its lightweight construction, stability features, and ergonomic design make it a practical choice for various applications in industries such as construction, maintenance, and installation.

Note: It's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and safety instructions when operating the LP mobile platform to ensure proper usage and minimize risks.

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