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Mobile Tower Light (4.4 M) - Generac TF4

Mobile Tower Light (4.4 M) - Generac TF4

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The TF4 light tower is the smallest model in the Generac Mobile® range of portable lighting towers. It is designed to provide sufficient illumination for small-sized working areas, making it highly practical and easy to use. The TF4 light tower is well-suited for various applications, including containers, mobile offices, temporary dormitories, power factories, and civil protection use.

Key features of the TF4 light tower include:

Floodlights with rotation and tilting system: The floodlights on the TF4 light tower can be rotated and tilted, allowing them to be positioned in different angles and provide illumination ranging from 180° up to 360°.

Hand trolley: The TF4 light tower is lightweight and compact, and it comes with a standard hand trolley. This feature enables easy handling of the unit by a single operator, enhancing its portability.

Compact dimensions: The TF4 light tower has extremely compact dimensions, making it suitable for transportation in high quantities on trucks or containers. Its small size and weight contribute to its ease of transport and storage.

Overall, the TF4 light tower offers practicality, versatility, and portability, making it an excellent choice for lighting small working areas in various settings.

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