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Alorair Storm DP Dehumidifier 48L - (Daul-Voltage 110v / 220v)

Alorair Storm DP Dehumidifier 48L - (Daul-Voltage 110v / 220v)

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The Storm DP Single-Voltage dehumidifier incorporates a humidity sensor that automatically activates when the air conditions deviate from the predefined specifications on the humidistat. This initiates a process where the machine draws air over the evaporator coils, resulting in the cooling and condensation of the air into a liquid form. The cooled air then passes over a dry and hot coil before being circulated back into the surrounding space, creating a continuous cycle.

To choose between the single voltage dehumidifier and the double voltage dehumidifier correctly, it is important to understand their distinctions. The single voltage model maintains consistency in voltage, frequency, performance, structure, and dehumidification capacity. It operates on a fixed 115V voltage and 60Hz frequency, with electrical parameters that are rated and cannot be altered. Attempting to change these parameters can lead to short circuits or render the dehumidifier unusable.

On the other hand, the dual voltage dehumidifier offers the flexibility to operate under two voltages: 110V and 220V. It is compatible with both 50 Hz and 60 Hz operating frequencies. This versatility is achieved by incorporating a transformer within the equipment, enabling it to function effectively in various power grid environments.

When choosing between these two models, it is essential to consider your specific power grid environment and select the appropriate option accordingly. Making the right choice ensures optimal performance and compatibility.

The Storm DP Single-Voltage and dual-voltage dehumidifiers find applications in various scenarios, including flood restoration, furniture drying, carpet drying, laundry drying, garages, basements and crawl spaces, offices, and laboratories.

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