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Westermann Honda Weed Ripper WKB660

Westermann Honda Weed Ripper WKB660

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Product Overview: Advanced Weed Removal Solution

Discover the ultimate solution for tackling tough, overgrown weeds and grass with our groundbreaking weed removal tool. Equipped with 12 dynamic, braided wire spinning brushes, this machine effortlessly eradicates thick weeds from any hard surface in a single sweep.

The WKB660 is not just a weed remover; it's also an efficient lawn re-edging tool, capable of transforming overgrown pathways back to their neat and defined state with ease.

Honda-Powered Reliability

With the Honda GXV160 engine at its core, expect nothing less than superior quality and performance. This engine is the backbone for professionals seeking reliable, easy-to-start, and fuel-efficient performance that stands the test of time.

German Precision Engineering

Crafted in Germany, the WKB660 showcases unparalleled engineering with a design that allows for multi-angle weed attack due to the independent rotation of its three brush holders. This design innovation ensures thorough weed removal from every direction.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Powered by the dependable Honda GXV160 OHV Engine
  • Expertly removes dense weeds and moss in one pass
  • Guard flap feature for precision cleaning near curbs and walls
  • Environmentally friendly operation without chemicals or water
  • Compact storage and transport with foldable handlebars
  • Wide 660mm brush head for optimal coverage
  • HAVs rating of 4.98 m/s^2 for user comfort

What's Included?

  • Westermann Weed Ripper Machine – Model WKB660
  • Three complete sets of brushes (36 pieces total)
  • Safety guard for enhanced protection (Note: may not be shown in all images)

Brush Lifespan

Each 12-brush set efficiently covers an area of approximately 700m^2, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Versatile Surface Compatibility

This weed brush is perfectly suited for use on various surfaces, including:

  • Block Paving
  • Concrete
  • Tarmac
  • Brick

Distinctive Advantages

Designed primarily for contractors and landscapers, the Weed Ripper excels in removing dense, overgrown weeds quickly, distinguishing it from the Moss Brush series, which is tailored for moss, debris, and light weed clearance.

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